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What Makes Hair Grow Faster?


What Makes Hair Grow Faster?

Hair grows on average half an inch every month. Now, this varies from person to person, but if you feel like your hair growth has slowed or stopped altogether, there are a few things you can do to speed it up. If you ever wondered what helps hair grow faster, please read below.

Scalp massages

Gently massage your scalp using oil such as Argan or castor weekly to stimulate the hair follicles. Word of warning- too much oil or frequent massages can have the opposite effect. Less is more. If you are worried about too much friction or particularly sensitive areas, skip the oil and just use a metal head massager (the ones that look like a deconstructed whisk or spider) this will give you all the stimulation and even gentle pressure.

Treat yourself

As previously stated, hair loss can affect a person’s confidence level, so at this time self-care is crucial. Make sure that at least once a week you are doing something just for you. Thank could be as simple as enjoying your favorite TV show or taking yourself to dinner. Having time for yourself will not only boost self-esteem, but it will also raise dopamine levels in the body which will make you feel happy and ready to face all of your daily life’s challenges. When you wake up each morning, be sure to use our hair growth serum that will help nourish your scalp and promote healthy hair growth throughout the day.

Move to a warmer climate

Have you noticed that your hair grows faster during the summer months? Hair grows faster in the summer due to increased circulation and better blood flow. If you can pack up your bags and leave that would be great, but you can get the same effect by exercise – (great hair and a great body, win-win!).


Working up a sweat will help to get your body in excellent working order. However, the benefits can be affected if you do not cleanse properly. Try a healthy cleanse to help detoxify your body. Detoxifying your body will help you recharge and rejuvenate.

Hair vitamins

Some celebrities swear by hair vitamins and show off their thick hair. Rather than taking a random mix of the latest/most expensive/usually untested “miracle vitamins,” find out what your body is lacking and find naturally occurring sources. An apple a day does not just keep the doctor away. Eating a varied diet will provide all of the nutrients you need. If after this you still feel like you are missing something, try a multivitamin.

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