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What Helps Hair Grow?


What Helps Hair Grow?

There are several methods you can use to stimulate hair growth, most require patience but here are a few tips which are said to promise faster than average results.

Scalp Massages

Scalp massages can stimulate circulation and make sure that each follicle receives not only more oxygen but also a better supply of nutrients needed to help grow strong, healthy hair. Adding and oil can help as it will penetrate the skin and nourish the area. Using our Leminox hair growth serum is also an excellent choice. Leminox contains several potent natural ingredients that will indulge your scalp with and hair follicles with vitamins and nutrients needed for beautiful hair. Using natural oils as part of your scalp massage is also a highly beneficial part of your hair loss treatment. Oils that help with hair growth are Argan oil, castor oil, and coconut oil, but they must be used sparingly, as they can block the pores and suffocate the scalp.

Hair Multi Vitamins

Hair vitamins are the latest craze, and there are many to chose from including a hair multivitamin. You should look for products containing Vitamin A, B, K, and also Biotin. If these are not working, you can speak to a medical professional to purchase something stronger. 1mg of Finasteride daily has many benefits for hair loss. The most common topical drug used is also minoxidil; it works by lowering some hormones in the body.

Prevent overheating your hair

Avoiding heat or over manipulation will reduce stress on the hair, which can lead to thinning or breakage. If you have to blow dry your hair, try using a lower setting or cold air. The cold air will also help to close the cuticle, which is the outer layer of the hair making it look shiny and smooth. Using other heating appliances such as curling tongs or flat irons should be limited to once a week, and the temperature should not exceed 250 degrees, and it is recommended you use a heat protectant each time.

Minimize bleaching and perming

Chemical processes such as bleaching and perming can thin the hair and potentially damage the follicle if not carried out correctly. Each time you chemically treat your hair, there is potential for the hair to be damaged not only by weakening the stands but also the scalp.

Drink more water

Most adults are dehydrated and do not consume enough water daily. Water makes up more than 60% of the body, and we need at least 1.5litres each day, but it is best to drink more. Upping your water intake will help to remove toxins from the body. When you start drinking more water, you will notice substantial improvements in your hair, skin, and nails.

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