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Top 10 Tips for Dealing with Hair Loss


Top 10 Tips for Dealing with Hair Loss

1. What type of hair loss are you experiencing?

The first and most important tip is to figure out what type of hair loss you are experiencing and why. There are several different causes of hair loss and the treatments for each vary widely. If you are worried that you are losing your hair and cannot find any explanation on your own, then a visit to your doctor or a trichologist if necessary. They will be able to identify the cause of your hair loss and provide medical support.

2. Stop bad hair habits.

Do you wash your hair every day with any old shampoo? Do you use hair straighteners on the highest setting with no heat protectant? Do you color your hair at home? We are all guilty of taking our hair for granted and for the most part it is pretty resilient. Think about ways to improve how well you take care of your hair. Use a natural high-quality hair growth shampoo that is designed to make your hair grow faster and combat hair loss.

3. Satin or Silk Pillowcase

Friction is a killer. All day our hair has to brave the elements, then we spend all night twisting and turning on cotton sheets (even if they are Egyptian). The hair gets trapped and starts to snap off. The same thing can happen on the collar of jackets and shirts.

4. Don't buy pills, potions or poison

Many companies will prey on the insecurities and desperation caused by hair loss. Don’t be fooled; they are lying about the results.

5. Your Body Needs Water

Drink water. Water makes EVERYTHING BETTER

6. Get a New Hairstyle

Change your hairstyle. Sometimes trying to hold on to your hair can make you lose it even faster. Visiting a hair stylist may be a luxury for most but if only just to start the journey to healthy hair, consider it an investment. A cut and color can completely change the appearance of thinning or sparse hair.

7. Let Go and Feel Less Stress

Be stress-free. Our body displays physical symptoms that reflect what is going on mentally or on the inside. We can have a physical reaction to emotional situations, and hair loss can be a sign of a deeper issue. Lower stress and our Leminox hair growth serum can help regrow your hair, even hair that has fallen due to stress. Use mindfulness techniques to focus on your well-being on a holistic level.

8. Get Moving and Exercise

Get moving. Try exercise, dancing or any other physical activity that will increase your heart rate and improve your circulation. Exercise will help your cells get vital nutrients so they can perform to their best ability.

9. Improve your Diet

Improve your diet. What goes in must come out. If you feed your body junk on a daily basis, it will break down. You do not have to become a super organic vegan. Try having a green smoothie a day or herbal tea instead of coffee.

10. Hide your Hair Loss

While you are incorporating all of the previous tips into your new hair care routine, it does not change that fact that now you are experiencing hair loss of some form. Wigs, weaves, and hair replacement units are a fantastic and affordable option. The demand is incredible, and there many high-quality options that are undetectable. Also, the stigma around wearing wigs has declined, and they are now seen as a fashion accessory. Use this as an opportunity to try out styles that are a little more daring. For men, there are several hair loss concealers available. Contact us for more hair loss tips.

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