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Men's Hairstyles for Fine Hair


Men's Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Are you looking for stylish hairstyles for men with fine hair? This article will be of great importance to you. 85 percent of men will experience the thinning of hair by the time they get to 50, while some men have naturally fine hair. Whether your hair is fine or thin, it does not pose any health risk. For someone to worry about how his hair affects his look, is understandable. Fortunately, there are various hairstyles for men with thin hair. It is just a matter of getting a nice haircut and then styling it to avoid any form of hair loss. In this styling article, we are going to look at some men’s hairstyles for fine hair. They are as follows;

1. Faded Undercut Hairstyle

Our friend Joseph Andrews over at BluMaan has an incredible step by step video going over the Faded Undercut hairstyle. The faded undercut is a type of hairstyle that is versatile. It is a cut that works fine with a variety of hair textures, whether you’ve got a curling wave or flat straight hair. The faded undercut is one of the few short hairstyles for thin hair that makes it look classic no matter the type of hair you have.

The faded sides of the undercut will hide any area of your hair that is hard to manage, and allow you to concentrate mainly on your hair’s middle section. It adds some clay in creating more textured and voluminous look. It also smoothes your hair down with wax to produce a sleek finish.

2. Slicked Back Hairstyle

The slicked back hairstyle gives your hair a classic look. Although, it is not always an appropriate hairstyle for every day of the week, slicked back is an ideal hairstyle for short fine hair. It is good to note that while this type of hairstyle works with fine hair, it is not an excellent option for extensive hair loss. See the next hairstyle for hair loss.

You can choose a smooth and classic style, using a right amount of useful hair product to slick your hair back to your scalp. At Leminox we recommend a matte or semi shiny hair pomade that gives a great short haircut and a formal vibe for fine hair, particularly if you have straight hair that produces a clean, sleek finish.

You can also decide to define your hair less by slicking back its front and sides lightly and allowing a little more texture and volume. This is ideal if you are working with curly hair that cannot be controlled easily, or if you prefer a less formal finish.

3. Side Parting Hairstyle

This type of hairstyle doesn’t work for everybody. A side parting hairstyle will make your hair look elegant, but you will end up losing some structures of your hair. The side parting is a great hairstyle if you use the right amount of a healthy hair product. It is a short hairstyle that can work pretty well for a fine, and thinning hair.

4. Messy and Textured Hairstyle

The fine hair styles for men tend to concentrate on keeping the hair, refined, but it is not a thick haircut that embraces the messy side of things. The messy and textured hairstyle, give your hair a classic wild and textured look. A messy and textured hairstyle works for all types of hair including thinning hair, but it is particularly ideal for fine hair, as you will be able to add some volume while avoiding frizz and maintaining control.

You can try a messy and textured hairstyle with many different hair types. You can opt for a short, spiked hairstyle using a good wax, an unstructured style or just a messy textured fringe, that allows your hair do what it desires. If you have hair curls that are controlled fairly then, the latter might be an ideal option as it will require a little styling.

5. Wispy Chin to Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Wispy Chin to Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Finding a hairstyle for fine curly hair is not always easy, and if you don’t want to smooth down or lop off your locks, then there are some good options you can choose. The wispy chin to shoulder length hairstyle is one long hairstyle for fine hair that is very easy to maintain, and it works particularly fine with slightly wavy hair. In this type of hairstyle, adding in layers will help in creating the illusion of thicker hair, as well as adding more volume.


You can choose a more relaxed swept back look or a subtle side parting, allowing your hair to fall where it naturally would, or you can decide to give it a direction with the right hair products. If you have fine hair, you don’t have to worry about keeping your hair in a set style or controlling frizz like the people with thick hair because your hair will work well with a long fine hairstyle. However, If you still want a little more hold on your hair, you can make use of a salt spray or a light wax to add texture. You can also use Hairspray to keep your hair in a superb shape.

If celebrities and superstars with fine hair can find an ideal hairstyle that works fine for them, then there is no reason why the rest of us can’t. Whether you are looking for a hairstyle that is short and slick or a mid-length style for fine hair, numerous hairstyle options will give your hair a beautiful look.

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