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Luxury Hair Loss Treatment for Men


Luxury Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Hair loss and hair thinning in men is a natural part of the aging process, but when experienced prematurely it becomes a real problem. Male-pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is a type of hair loss that is mostly experienced by 50 percent of men. While male-pattern baldness can be inherited, there are other possible causes for its occurrence. If you're a young man and suffering from thinning hair, fret not! We have a hair loss treatment that helps treat it.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men That Helps Treat Androgenetic Alopecia

Male pattern hair loss [androgenetic alopecia] is a common form of hair loss in men. It makes the hair appear in patches. It is mostly hereditary and can be triggered by viral infections or stress. Androgenetic Alopecia is an auto-immune disease that causes active hair follicles to shrink due to increased levels of DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, and a genetic predisposition. There is no cure, but there are treatments, including our Leminox Hair Loss Treatment for Men.

Finasteride approved by FDA

Initially, there is Finasteride. This product prevents the hair follicles from shrinking and allows them to grow by blocking the production of DHT levels in the body. Finasteride is a prescription steroid compound. Although it is expensive compared to other hair loss treatments for men, it is one of the most used treatments for male-pattern baldness. We highly recommend using finasteride daily combined with our Leminox Hair Loss solution. Finasteride (Propecia) returns the hair to its normal condition within three to four months of use. If used together with our Luxury Hair Loss Treatment for Men you will see astonishing results.

Minoxidil Hair Growth product approved by the FDA

In addition to Finasteride, there is Minoxidil which is one of the active ingredients in our hair growth serum. It is also a common treatment for male-pattern baldness. Minoxidil enlarges hair follicles that have shrunk. It also equally permits the hair to become longer before it falls out by merely extending the growth phase of hair. Our Minoxidil hair loss product is a topical solution. You can see improvements in hair growth within three to four months of proper use. Shedding of hair will, however, resume when you stop using a minoxidil treatment.

Luxury Hair Loss Treatment for Men

There is also Azelaic Acid. Azelaic Acid is useful when combined with Minoxidil. Combining Minoxidil and Azelaic Acid along with our other premium ingredients ensures optimum health for your scalp and hair follicles. Our Leminox Hair Growth Solution is an effective treatment for hair loss because it is a DHT blocking anti-androgen product that is similar to Finasteride. Get started today and let your hair follicles receive nutrients that they need to survive and re-grow by purchasing any of our Hair Loss Treatment products.

Laser Comb for Hair Loss

Laser combs use low-level laser therapy as an effective treatment with clinical evidence suggesting them to be very effective. We recommend using a laser comb three times a week, 30-minute sessions each time you use it. A laser comb greatly improves the circulation on your scalp. Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) works by using low-power lasers or Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to treat various medical conditions including hair loss.

Our luxury hair growth serum will help your hair regrow, especially when combined with our other recommendations.

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It is, however, important to note that anxiety and stress can cause hair loss. Do you have symptoms of anxiety? A common symptom of anxiety is hair loss. Stress causes hair loss to occur, and in many cases, it can make hair loss difficult to control.

Everyone has felt anxious before. Anxiety is a normal emotion. Many people feel stressed when faced with a stressful situation at work, before taking a test or many other factors in your daily life.

Anxiety disorders are much different because they can interfere with your ability to lead a normal, healthy life. If you feel that you may have symptoms of a severe anxiety disorder, we highly recommend you see a physician or a psychiatrist. Severe anxiety can not only speed up your hair loss, but it can cause palpitations and an accelerated heart rate along with many health issues.

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