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Learn What Makes Hair Grow


Learn What Makes Hair Grow

Hair grows on our heads, our arms, on our legs and in many parts of our body. Hair grows from tiny pores all over the skin except for the palms of our hands and soles of our feet. Over the course of a year, the hair will grow around 6 inches, but this varies slightly from person to person.

The hair growth cycle takes place in 3 stages, Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen.

The anagen phase is when the hair is growing. This phase of the hair cycle will last roughly 2-6 years. During this time the hair will continue growing as the cells at the root are in a constant state of division. Most people will find that their hair reaches a maximum length and does not grow past this. When you see a pause in hair growth, the hair may have moved from the active stage to catagen.

During catagen, the hair stops growing, and changes in the follicle occur that causes the root to shrink at the base. This process only lasts a few weeks.

The hair will then move to the telogen phase. Hair growth has completed and eventually, the hair will shed. It is common for people to lose up to 100 shed hairs each day. Some of these hairs will fall out naturally, and others may fall during combing. It is normal to shed hair daily.

Being aware of what is normal for you is important. Some people find that they have a very short active phase so the hair will not grow very long before falling out and others will be able to achieve much longer lengths. There is no way to significantly alter either the duration of each phase or how much the hair will grow during this time. It is best to try and notice how much hair you typically lose and watch for changes. During the seasons there may be slight changes as hair does grow faster in warmer climates but variations in the amount lost could be due to hormones or nutrient deficiency. Always make sure you do not damage your hair by excess heat, chemical or tension. Making sure that the body is in the best condition possible by eating well and exercising and also using the correct hair products. Having a good routine of proper cleansing and moisturizing will preserve the hair during the active phase and protect the stands. A high-quality hair growth serum can ensure that the strands reach the maximum length. You have now learned what makes your hair grow and valuable information on the phases of the hair growth cycle.

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