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How to Grow More Hair?


How to Grow More Hair?

Learn how to improve the quality of hair you are currently growing.
There are lots of tips on the Internet about how to grow hair quickly, and these are mostly old wives tales, but some people do report that they have worked although they should be taken with a pinch of salt and at your risk.

We have researched several methods that can improve the quality of your hair and even speed up the process.

Hair masks are famous and raiding your kitchen cupboards may provide some of the ingredients needed to make a hair growth mask. Traditional ingredients include eggs and milk, which can contain protein, and spices such as cayenne pepper help to stimulate the follicles and kick start the growth. Honey, avocado and potato juice also prove quite popular. If you ever wondered how to grow more hair, a hair mask can help your hair growth and provide an extraordinarily pleasant experience.

Some medications can cause excess hair growth as a side effect. Most people who have taken a course of commonly prescribed corticosteroid report that they experienced a lot of hair growth, but this was not limited to the scalp and was also on the face and chest which is not ideal for women as they usually don’t want hair in these areas.

The inversion method involves spending more time upside down or finding a way to elevate your legs. It works on the basis that the increased blood flow to your scalp will improve your hair growth and fast. An easy way to accomplish increased blood flow to your scalp is by laying on your bed with half of your back out of bed. You can also elevate your legs with a pillow. Stay in this position for a few minutes. 10 minutes is more than sufficient.

Ditching shampoo and opting to ‘co-wash’ means that instead of shampooing the hair first you skip straight to the conditioner. It is said to be gentle on the hair and leaves it feeling more moisturized and stronger, and all of the essential oils are not being stripped out. There is some sense in this method, and many companies are now releasing co-wash products.

A lot of people think that regular haircuts will make their hair grow faster, but this is silly as hair grows from the scalp and not from the ends. What people experience is because they are regularly cutting away the damaged ends and the hair can grow longer without breaking due to split or weak ends.

Changes in hormones during pregnancy also may induce faster hair growth, but sadly a lot of this hair will fall out after the both and is called postpartum shedding. Taking Leminox can pause the shedding effects of this shedding.

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