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Hair Loss Styling Tips for Men


Hair Loss Styling Tips for Men

If you’re beginning to notice more hair in your shower and your sink, you don’t have to ignore it. This loss of hair just means you’re going bald.

Hair loss can be a big blow to men psychologically. For most of them, it is likely the sign showing that they are getting old. Going bald is a subtle reminder that days of youthful glory of a man are slowly coming to an end. Hair loss in men can make them feel unattractive and less confident.

If you’re worried about your hair loss, you don’t have to be, because you’re not alone. It is something affecting more than 40 million men in America and over hundreds of millions globally. It is advisable for you to find out the cause of your baldness, before looking for the styling tips and ways to deal with it.

Finding out the cause of your baldness

Many people think heredity causes that hair loss, but that’s not true in most cases. There are some other causes of hair loss and measures can be taken to stop them. Stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss in men. If you’ve been under a lot of stress lately, it is highly recommendable that you get a massage to chill the heck out.

Medicines can be another cause of hair loss, as some of them have a side effect that can result to baldness. Once you stop taking them, your hair comes back. Ask your doctor the possible side effects of a medication before taking it.

Having calcium deposits on your scalp is another possible cause of baldness. Calcium deposits close the pores on your head, thereby preventing hair from coming through the scalp. You can clear up these calcium deposits by using hot vinegar to shampoo your head, after that, you wrap a hot towel around your head, and allow it to sit for some minutes.

If stress, medicine, or having calcium deposits, is not the cause of your hair loss, then you are probably like most men who inherited their baldness from their family line. Some recent studies have discovered that there is a gene which shows that men are at high risk of having hair loss if their father has bald hair.

However, this does not mean you cannot inherit this gene from your mom’s family. If any bald eagles are roosting on your family line, there is a greater chance you’ll have bald hair, too.

Let’s now look at some hair loss styling tips for men;

Exfoliating with a shampoo

No matter the level of your hair loss, your scalp condition is essential for the wellness of your hair.

“Exfoliating your hair with a shampoo containing salicylic acid will cleanse the deeper area of your hair and help to remove the topmost layer of skin. This aids in reducing dandruff flakes and also makes the skin permeable for any treatment serum that will come afterward.

Various kinds of hair loss are made worse by infection or inflammation. Regular cleansing of the scalp helps to prevent the build-up of oil, as these oils can enhance the growth of bacteria thereby fueling an infection.

Hair moisturizing is vital

Once you’ve started experiencing hair loss, it is essential to remember that your scalp can become dry or oily, damaged by Ultraviolet rays and will also grow old over time. So, what is now the solution? An effective solution is to use natural moisturizing factors that will target both dry and oily skin. You can improve the moisture of your scalp with the use of a hydrating conditioner that will soothe the texture and balance the scalp.

Make use of hair products that provide volume

Men’s hair gel and pomade can provide structure and volume to your hair, giving it a fuller and a thicker appearance. Remember that moderation is key anytime you’re using a hair product. Excessive use of men’s hair gel or pomade can leave your hair to be too oily and slick. Too much product on your hair may not be your desired look.

Make use of hair fiber and other specific treatment

Most celebrities that are worried about their thinning hair usually boost its thickness by making use of hair fibers which will be dusted over their scalp to cover up any visible bald patches. Although this is not a permanent fix, it will certainly give you a temporary boost of confidence.

Other specific treatment such as our Leminox hair growth serum which is designed to enhance hair growth and to prevent baldness at the same time. It may take about six weeks to see results, but this is an excellent option to regrow your hair.

Consider a hair transplant

Another expensive, but an efficient solution is the possibility of a hair transplant. According to the Crown Clinic in Manchester, there is a 25 percent increase in men under the age of 40 who seek hair transplants in the last five years. We believe the popularity of hair transplants went viral with celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Wayne Rooney, and many other movie stars admitting that they’ve had a hair transplant procedure in time past.

Apart from being rather costly, it’s most likely that you may redo the procedure of transplanting more than once as Callum Best discovered recently after undergoing a third hair transplant before going into the Celebrity Big Brother house.

If you’re still confused on the option to choose for your hair loss styling, just seek for more advice from your barber, he is like your hair doctor. As long as he is a professional, he has seen lots of people with hair loss and balding symptoms. A good hairstylist can do wonders to hide hair loss.

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