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Hair Growth Tips for Women


Hair Growth Tips for Women

A woman’s beauty is often tied up into the appearance of her hair. A bad hair day can deflate your confidence and have us spending hundreds on products that do little more than smell nice. While some women are ‘blessed’ with luscious long flowing locks’ most of us struggle to keep the little we have healthy and looking half way decent. If you are finding it hard, here are a few hair growth tips just for a woman to get you started.

Go back to basics – chuck out all your products

Are you a self-confessed product junkie? Could you open a store with all of the products in your bathroom? The average woman will apply over 100 different chemicals daily. That cannot be healthy. We are bombarded with various lotions and potions promising us everything under the sun, but how many of them work? To figure out what is working for your hair, go back to basics. All your hair needs is a good shampoo conditioner and a few styling products if you wish. Then if you want to try out a new product, you use it for a few weeks to see if there is any noticeable difference. A lot of companies also sell products in ranges, so they work best if you use them together.

Tea makes everything better.

Green tea is known for the body's internal health benefits, but now people are not just drinking it they are washing their hair with it. Doing a tea rinse means brewing your favorite cuppa and then pouring it all over your head (obviously let it cool down first). The benefits are that the nutrients can permeate the hair strands directly. This is one of the most important hair growth tips for women.

Change your hairstyle

Do you regularly wear your hair the same way? Is it always up in a bun or do you leave it to hang freely? The style you currently have could be affecting your hair growth. If it is always tied up, this could cause tension on the root and lead to traction alopecia if it is too tight. Also having the same parting you may begin to notice a little thinning.

You are what you eat.

Do you skip breakfast? Follow fad diets or struggle to eat healthily. You may be starving not only your body but also your hair of essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to grow. It can be such a hassle with our busy lives to eat well, but the benefits are profound. Try doing meal prep once a week and don’t make it boring. Healthy can mean all of your favorite foods just home cooked with quality ingredients.

Don’t sweat it.

Hair growth can be a slow and tedious journey but only if you make it such. Focus on providing the optimum environment and sit back while nature takes it course. Focusing too heavily on the problem will be like watching paint dry, you are not going to wake up and see a flourishing patch of hair. It will take time, but patience is a virtue.

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