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Hair Growth Tips for Men


Hair Growth Tips for Men

Diet and Exercise for Hair Growth

Making a few simple life changes can reverse most symptoms of hair loss. Thinning hair is often a sign of poor nutrition and circulation. By incorporating as little as 10 minutes a day of exercise, hair growth can significantly improve. Adding more dark green leafy vegetables to your diet will increase the amount of Vitamin K and assist your body's circulatory system. Adding fiber to your diet will fill you up faster and prevent the body from absorbing excess calories in the foods you eat.

When we exercise we release a chemical (endorphins) into the blood that improves our mood thus leading us to continue to make healthy changes. When you exercise at least for a few minutes each day, your body will release Endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the entire body. A fitter healthy body is more equipped to repair and restore itself leading to fuller longer and healthy hair.

Leminox Hair Regrowth Serum to Regrow your Hair

There are many hair growth serums and pills on the market claiming to work wonders but how may live up to that claim? Leminox for men is a tried and tested formula that works.

Leminox Hair Growth Serum

The active ingredients (minoxidil and azelaic acid) have been clinically tested and shown to improve hair growth, and the remaining natural ingredients are of premium quality. Our hair serum works by stimulating the follicle and does not contain any parabens. We highly recommend using our hair serum twice daily. For more information, please view our Men's Hair Regrowth Serum.

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Laser Comb for Scalp Stimulation

Many physicians are recommending the use of laser combs. They work by using energy from a laser beam directed at the scalp to help new hairs to grow. The laser emits a beam directed to the hair follicle. A low-level laser can speed up the hair cycle by reducing the resting phase. A laser comb can stop a process called miniaturization. Miniaturization is the process in which hair follicles reduce in size over time, eventually leaving you with a bald scalp. We highly recommend using a laser comb combined with our hair growth serum for maximum benefits.

Finasteride for Men

Finasteride is very successful at treating hair loss at lower doses. It works by decreasing the amount of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the body. DHT has been associated with hair loss because at high levels in the body it is responsible for shortening the hair growth cycle by causing miniaturization which means the hair become smaller each cycle until the follicle eventually dies. Finasteride works in a similar way to our Leminox serum but must be prescribed by a medical professional. We recommend speaking to your physician about Finasteride. This medication will work well when combined with our hair growth serum.

Use Nizoral Shampoo for a Healthy Scalp

Nizoral® (ketoconazole) 2% Shampoo is another product we recommend that seems to solve some hair loss problems. It is an anti-dandruff shampoo but has been reported to assist with hair growth with regular use (every other day). The reason it seems to be useful for many users, particularly those with androgenic alopecia, is that it removes one of the symptoms – inflammation. Clinical studies are being done to see just how effective ketoconazole is.

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