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Fast Hair Growth Secrets


Fast Hair Growth Secrets

Many people spend hundreds if not thousands on products that claim to grow hair quickly but the real secret to fast hair growth is that there is no secret. The body has a set rate at which is carries out essential work.

Imagine the body is a car, now each car has a top speed, (this would be the metabolic rate). Some cars are able to drive really fast and some are made to go much slower. No matter what you do you cannot change the top speed of the car, however you can make sure that it is performing at its optimum. If you use poor parts or do not get regular maintenance the speed slows down which is exactly the same as the body.

In order to keep the body running at its optimum and a high metabolic rate you must make sure that all of the parts are working correctly and that it is getting the best fuel or nutrition.

Having a healthy balanced diet is the most important factor in hair growth aside from genetics. Eating a range of foods containing vitamins and minerals will provide the chemicals need to create strong and healthy hair. The body is best and pulling what it needs from raw and organic sources. Dairy and red meat can lead to many common disorders and that can put a strain on the body meaning that it is unable to work as normal.

Reducing stress is a great way to improve hair growth. When we are stressed we release certain chemical into the blood, which not only alter our mood but also our habits. When stressed we tend to eat less and lower quality, drink more alcohol and loss sleep. All of these factors contribute to premature hair loss. So making your life less stressful may seem like an impossible task but taking small steps such as planning out your day and meals beforehand may take of some of the strain. Also making time to exercise will not only keep you healthy it will release a chemical called dopamine into the blood which combats the effects of stress and makes us feel energized. We also get the same feeling from doing things we enjoy and chocolate although exercise is much better.

Some studies show that hair growth can be improved with the use of supplements however this is still not widely accepted and has only shown results in a small percentage of cases. Plus there is no way to target the area in which you want the hair to grow plus most of these medications have notable side effects which should be considered before use.

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